Health Money Has Succeeded in Receiving Investment From Global Healthcare Companies

Health Money has succeeded in receiving investment from global healthcare companies, eco-friendly conglomerates, and major VCs. This investment shows that Health Money will successfully lead this business in the healthcare and well-being industry.
health money
Using this investment as a stepping stone, Health Money is expected to play a leading role in the global blockchain-based healthcare market.
In the meantime, several blockchain projects have tried to combine with the healthcare market, but no successful cases have emerged. The reason is that they haven’t been able to create a service that many users can use. However, Health Money will provide services that anyone can use easily and make profits at the same time through a strong incentive system differentiated from existing projects. That is why many people are paying attention to the Health Money project.
When the blockchain industry and healthcare are properly fused, they will create a stronger synergy than any other business. And it is expected that global investment companies and healthcare companies have invested in the health money project, which is expected to play the most important role in the industry.
Major VCs and health care companies expecting that the Health Money Project will play a major role in the future for the well-being and health care of people around the world.
HEALTH MONEY is a health care application based on WEB3, A service that earns rewards through the data recorded by real-time activities.
Use wearable belt to collect and manage system data The user’s activity, heart rate and sleep data are synchronized through the mobile application.
The service is provided through mobile applications and users can easily use it. It consists of intuitive and simple menus and functions.
With M2E project The comprehensive health management system that transcends differences and flaunts our whole body.
H2E (Health to Earn) concept that can obtain corresponding rewards Will propose and lead to the market.
HEALTH MONEY doesn’t stick to the place, but happily with friends, colleagues and family Culture leading sports and health management.